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Eddie & Vilma Brito


Dr.Eddie Brito and Dr.Vilma Brito have been married since 1980. At age eighteen, Eddie was ordained as Pastor and discipled by  Pastor Lucas Huber.

Soon after his ordination, Eddie founded his first church, in the Amazon area of Brazil.

In 1992 Eddie and Vilma were called to serve in Europe Portugal Braga for four years. In 1995 Eddie moved his family to Edinburgh Scotland where he enrolled as a seminary student at the Faith Mission Bible College there in Edinburgh.

In 2002, Eddie and Vilma founded  Healing Every Nation Ministries, Inc.  (HENM), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organisation, which is incorporated in the State of Texas-USA and in London-UK and other countries.

Over the past three decades by God’s Grace, Eddie and Vilma Brito have transformed the quality of life thousands people around the word in the areas of heath, education, cultural and economic empowerment,they are working to inspire excellence and improve living conditions and opportunities in some of the world’s most remote and troubled regions.

Besides their Missionary and humanitarian work in Africa, they have travelled to over 65 countries around the world giving aid to the needy, reaching out to the most vulnerable.  Their work involved feeding the orphaned and starving children in inaccesible regions, providing clean drinking water to  remote and impoverished areas, building schools where there were none, developing care centers for children in need, establishing seminaries and training centers for Christian leaders, providing aid to victims of natural disasters. 

Eddie Brito has a Bachelors Degree in Religious Arts and Theology and Doctorate in Humanity from Integrity Seminary in Dallas Texas. Eddie and Vilma have been in ministerial work for over 30 years.

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