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Why should I go Mission Trip the Amazon rainforest?

The missionary work among the riverside communities in the Amazon has persisted for more than a century, yet it continues to be one of the least reached groups in Brazil.
Geographical isolation and limited exposure to the Gospel pose substantial and enduring challenges.
Ponder the directive of Jesus in the book of Matthew 28:19, where He urges us to "go and make disciples of all nations." Envision the lives of those dwelling in the Amazon's riverside communities, enduring their days without the Gospel's promise of eternal hope.

Why do people go on mission trips?

Mission trips are a popular way to combine your desire to travel and see with world with your desire to give back and make a difference in the world. While some people see mission trips as an opportunity to put their faith into action, others go on mission trips for a variety of non-religious reasons, including:


To make a difference: Many people go on mission trips make a positive impact in the world through providing support to communities in a range of different ways. This could involve teaching English, building schools or homes, providing medical care, volunteering with animals or supporting environmental conservation.


To gain a new perspective: Traveling to a new country and immersing yourself in a different culture can be a life-changing and transformative experience. Mission trips allow you to see the world with fresh eyes and gain a better understanding of different cultures and ways of life.


To meet new people: Mission trips offer an opportunity to connect with people from all around the world. International volunteers work together towards a common goal, often forming life-long friendships and connections along the way.


To get out of your comfort zone: Mission trips are an opportunity to discover a new sense of purpose by stepping out of your comfort zone, discovering new countries and cultures, and living like the locals. This can be equally challenging and rewarding! Taking a mission trip is an opportunity to growth as person, discover your strengths and weaknesses and redefine your purpose in life.


While people go on mission trips for a variety of reasons, at the heart of it is a desire to make a positive impact on the world, connect with others and build a better future together


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